Monday, April 6, 2009

Birthday Sales

Happy Birthday to ME!!!
Today is my 27th birthday... boo hoo, my 20's are almost over lol! But there is still time to celebrate, and I am!!! It's sales all around. Sales in both shops! First in my PaperPrincess34 shop, buy one 12x12 layout at regular price, get one at 40% off! One discount per person in this shop.

Next in my MyOtherPrincess shop, 25% off your entire order when you purchase a cupcake! Discounts will be made through paypal. Sales last for the duration of today only! Happy shopping!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm POSITITVE - No Joke!

So today I planned on sharing some of my most meaningful country pieces around my house, but instead, I've got some news.

For the last week I've been pretty crampy, you know, the regular monthly thing, except, no monthly thing! My skin hates me right now, I'm all broken out, lets not even talking about emotions. I'll start crying. And of course, the nausea!

So on a hunch, I bought a pregnancy test while I was at Walmart yesterday. I dont do a good job at keeping track of when I'm supposed to "start" so I didnt know if I should use it yet or not. After thinking about it all night long, I decided, I have enough symptoms right now that if it's pregnancy hormones making me feel the way I do, then the test would detect them. So I peed on it...

Almost immediately the positive sign appeared! Now being April Fool's day, my hubby didnt believe me at first when I told him... today isnt such a good day to let news like that out of the bag!

I asked my son (who is 7) if he wanted a brother or a sister... he said BOTH! Then he told me my belly wasnt big enough to have a baby in it...