Monday, April 6, 2009

Birthday Sales

Happy Birthday to ME!!!
Today is my 27th birthday... boo hoo, my 20's are almost over lol! But there is still time to celebrate, and I am!!! It's sales all around. Sales in both shops! First in my PaperPrincess34 shop, buy one 12x12 layout at regular price, get one at 40% off! One discount per person in this shop.

Next in my MyOtherPrincess shop, 25% off your entire order when you purchase a cupcake! Discounts will be made through paypal. Sales last for the duration of today only! Happy shopping!


  1. happy birthday to you! have a great day of celebration!

  2. And again Happy Happy Birthday

  3. Happy Birthday!! Don't worry you've still got some years before you hit the big 30!! But it's not bad being 30!!! I think my 30th year has been my best!!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Enjoy your 20s while you can still remember them! ;)

    With love & laughs,
    -- The Old Ladies