Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ready for another Etsy Shopping Spree?

My etsy shopping addiction continues!
Shhhhh, dont tell (ok you can tell) but this is my favorite kind of shirt I've got for Delilah. This is the second one, we have one in pink too (of course!) If you want to score yours, visit Whitney (who is super sweet) at www.ajoyfulvision.etsy.com On a side note, the sewer in me wants to take out the yellow ruffle on this skirt and add my own ruffle!

I would have had pictures of this adorable dress sooner, but the first time I put her in it, the little bugger pooped on it before I could get pictures!!! But she liked it really! And luckily I was able to get it out. I love the little ruffle on this dress and how cute is the apple print? She makes the bows to match the dresses, and they come along with the purchase!

I'm starting to have a thing for bloomers! Some of you may know, Daddy is a drill sergeant, so I HAD to get these little ruffle bloomers. www.kuttinup.etsy.com was very friendly and fast making these for us. She was so helpful in aiding me in picking out a size that would fit her for more than a month. I cant wait to come back for more.

I think she likes it!

I'll take one of EVERYTHING from www.sweetplume.etsy.com I absolutely looooooove this dress! Quality cuteness, be sure to check her out. You'll be in awe!

Till next time...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sewing, a new hobby!

After buying so many pillowcase dresses, I decided it was time to put my sewing machine to use. Keep in mind, the only thing I had ever sewed were blankets! So I searched etsy looking for a good pillowcase pattern, some fabric and a quick trip to Wally World to pick up some tread. Several phone calls to my grandmother (for the mean of sewing terminology) and a few hours later I had a dress! Not too bad for my first attempt!

So by this time I've been adding lots of fabrics to my favorites on etsy. I decided to change up the dress patterns just a little and add the zebra stripe print rather than the polka dot for the tie. Love how it came out!

Now this is my favorite dress pattern thus far. It took me ALL DAY to complete. I ended up having to take out lots of seams, but it was my own fault for not understanding what the pattern was asking. I think the sizing is off on this pattern as this is the 6-9 mo size on my 4mo daughter. She normally wears a 6mo size.

A second attempt at the double layer dress. (My favorite) And it went much quicker this time. Only had to take out one seam, and again my fault for not reading the directions more carefully. This time I made the dress in 1T-2T size. Much better fit for her!

Another double layered dress. I tried to do something a little softer and more vintagish. The blue bottom layer was supposed to be a black polka dot, but it showed through the top layer. So I had to improvise! I was almost able to make this dress without looking at the instructions!

So after wearing out my first two patterns I decided it was time to buy another. Here is a halter top dress. This patter is by far my most versatile! I got it from http://www.whimsycouture.etsy.com/ There are sooooo many options. The straps can be made as shown, or I can use knot straps, buttons etc! The ruffle can be a band (like in the pillowcase dress) and the ruffle or band can be done in any lenght! AWESOME! I'm out of 3/4" elastic and so is Wally World, or esle I'd have made more of this style!

On a side note, this was my first try at a ruffle, and I love it! I'm already thinking of adding ruffles to some of my other dresses!

Finally, this is my most recent dress pattern purchase. Another halter top dress. Well, it's supposed to be a dress, but it came out more like a top on her. I need to take into consideration that she is a lot taller than your average 6 mo old (at 4 months even!) Next time I'll lenghten the body of the dress and I'm thinking of adding one of those adorable ruffles to the bottom!
I'm LOVING sewing, and considering adding some of these dresses to my scrapbooking shop. If you are interested in one, let me know. I'd be happy to make one for you!!! Any excuse to sew!!!