Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Sale 25% Off

A while back I was sharing my latest Prima supplies. It's not often that I go outside of my comfort zone and make something with a Punk theme. So here is my take on it, keeping it punk, but girly at the same time. I could totally rock this layout!

On a side note, I'm having a spur of the moment sale, 25% off, in the paper shop for the remainder of the weekend. I have a large selection of cards and layouts to choose from as well as a couple mini albums. This sale will end 11:59pm central time on Sunday evening.

Another little note, I will be discontinuing my cards as they expire this time around, so get them while you can.

Save 10% On Cupcakes

What a collection of cupcakes I've got now. I'd love to make more, but I'm running out of room to store them all! You'll receive 10% off your entire order, excluding shipping charges, when you purchase at least one cupcake. Buy 1 or ton, large or small, as long as you have one in your order, you'll receive a 10% discount on your entire order. Refund will be made through paypal.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Give Away Winner - Kati!!!

Congrats to Kati for being the winner of my cupcake give away. You've won a set of 3 bath cupcakes!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've Got SOAP!!!

It's finally here, and in my favorite scent ORANGE CREAMSICLE!!!! I've got one in my shower now and the hubby has already used up his entire test bar! Yeah, it's that good! This particular bar is Goat's Milk, but I will be carrying Shea Butter as well. More scents coming soon! Bars are between 3 and 4 oz and will leave your skin moisturized and conditioned!

Dont forget, today is the last day for the cupcake give away. Winner will be posted tomorrow. Enter now!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Featured Seller- LollyBopBaby

Time for another featured seller. LollyBopBaby has the most adorable shop on etsy. Everything you need for baby! She makes me wish I had a little girl to dress up! I've got to tell you, I've been drooling over these baby shoes since the moment I first saw them! How adorable!!! They are just my "doodle" style and I love the bright vibrant colors. Now... if only they were in my size... Just kidding, but they totally would be mine if I had some little feet to put them on.

Her baby crocheted baby blankets are so sweet and you can imagine how soft they are from the texture in her photos! Her shop is the first place I will be shopping should I ever have another child... or well, if I need a baby gift for someone special.

Check out her shop. Give her some love!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Weekend Sale 20% Off

It's SALE TIME! Now through Sunday 20% off in Discount will be refunded through paypal. I have a great selection of scents and items now in stock in my shop. Bath cupcakes (bath bombs), bath salts, and vigorous sugar scrubs.

Just a little blurb about the sugar scrubs, and I'm not just saying this because it's mine and I made it, but really, the sugar scrub is the best scrub I've had the pleasure of using. I'm going on about 5 days now since using it last, and my skin is just as soft as if I had applied it this morning. I'd say you really only need to use it every week to week and a half. The 4 oz tub will last you a long time.

So go on, shop and save money! Remember every item gets you an entry into my blog give away. Dont forget to post the transaction ID in the comment box.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a Blog Give Away!

Everyone knows I love to share! So this is my first give away and I'm making it a sweet one! I've got 3 life size bath bomb cupcakes. Here are the scents I've selected.

1. pink sugar
2. orange creamsicle
(my personal favorite scent)
3. creme brulee

Entering is simple. You can get one entry per type except for number 4.

1. Visit my etsy shop, and comment here with your favorite item.
2. Follow my blog, comment back here.
3. Blog about my give away. Be sure to post a link back here.
4. Finally get one entry for EVERY purchase in my etsy shop during the give away. Just post the transaction ID for each item (one item per comment) in the comment box.

My give away will end at 11:59pm central time on March 25th. The winner will be posted on my blog. Give away is open to US residents only due to the weight. Have fun and good luck!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Now They're Mini!

How can you make a cupcake anymore appealing than it already is? Make it MINI!!! My mini muffin pan finally arrived this week and I could hardly wait to use it. I've been making one scent after another and now it's cupcake madness in my kitchen, but it smells sooooo good. I'm selling these in sets of 3. You can also get them as singles. Dont be surprised if you see a couple PIFs pop up in the shop. I love to share!
I've decided to make a few of my other goodies in smaller sizes. Just the right size for sampling or traveling. Currently I'm offering my vigorous sugar scrubs in this smaller 2 oz size.

Check out my shop for all the newest items!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Get the Winter Skin off Ya!

The sugar scrubs are here! I created these with Turbinado sugar from Hawaii. Perfect for slumping off that dry skin from winter! To that I've added the very moisturising Sweet Almond Oil. This oil feels more dry and goes on smooth. The excess easily rinses off leaving you feeling silky and soft. I've topped my scrub off with a touch of Vitamin E oil.

What a pleasure it was to test it out. Of course I made mine in the Orange Creamsicle scent. I think I even heard my skin sing a little...
Look at that texture? A little will go a long way. No need to be aggressive with this stuff. It does all the work for you. Just gently massage it into your skin, the sugar and oils will do the rest!

Now available in the Orange Creamsicle scent in MyOtherPrincess shop. Other scents coming soon.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Prima Prima Prima!!!

I was stalking another of my favorite online scrapbook stores earlier this week and noticed with Prima CHA releases were finally available. Yay. While I've already ordered many of the new items, these ones were not offered on the site where I did my pre order. So Yay! I got the cute cute cute rub ons and of course I couldnt pass up the flowers. I already used them on a layout this afternoon. It was my first PUNK layout. Maybe I'll show it off a little later...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Sale in the PaperPrincess34 Shop

Well MyOtherPrincess shop is having a sale, so PaperPrincess needs to have a sale. Friday, March 13th (one day only) my fabulous 40% sale is back!!! Buy 1 layout at regular price, get one of your choice at 40% off. Only one layout at 40% off per person. Convo me for price adjustments or, I'll just refund the difference through paypal.

I just had to share my Pretty In Pink layout. Hair color has come up a lot in the etsy chat. Yes, it's true, I've had pink hair. I think I rocked it pretty well too :) The picture was quite a few years ago when I was 21 or 22. That's 5 or 6 years ago for anyone keeping track... Do we need to hear the story, cause of course, I didnt make my hair pink on purpose. I was getting highlights, blonde and red, and well the red ran into the blonde and turned pink. She offered to fix it in a couple days (had to wait a while to avoid further damaging my hair), but it grew on me and I ended up keeping the look.

Now that I've shared my hair story, dont forget about the sale in my PaperPrincess shop. For details about the sale in MyOtherPrincess shop, read the post below.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

25% off in MyOtherPrincess Shop

I think it's about time for my first sale in the new shop! 25% off everything in This sale will only last through Friday. So hurry and get the goodies while you can. Discounts will be made through paypal. So hurry, go grab your favorite cupcakes and bath salts at a discount while you can!

Some of my very favorites

I dont get much time to work on layouts for myself. The majority of these layouts were made this past summer and the summer before. I do a lot of custom work as well as keeping my etsy shop stocked, so that doesnt leave a lot of time for me. As you can see I enjoy all kinds of styles from simplistic to a little more detailed. I've really come into and found my place and style in the scrapbooking world.

This is currently the layout I use on my flyer I send out with orders. I like that it's simple yet makes a statement. I also am left with the job of taking my own pictures. It can be difficult a times but I've learned to make it work for me. I like how simple this layout is. A few strips of paper and a couple rub ons. I let the title work as my journaling. It fits me to a T. Creative. That's me!

This layout is a little more involved. I really like how it all came together though and fell into place. I have to admit that I'm pretty lazy and I rarely do anything to chipboard, like these letters. I hate to get out the paint, and all the fuss that comes along with it. Painting the letters, waiting for them to dry, the clean up. So I usually just ink them and let them be. I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of rub ons. It's rare if I make a layout without them.

This is one of my earlier layouts. I created it before I had really come into my own style. Yet, it is still one of my favorites, probably because of the subject matter. The picture is of me, probably about 2-3 years old. I was sitting in a diapers box holding a picture of Jesus. I think the journaling says it all.

If you look closely you will see this layout has the same set up from the Having a Ball layout. Amazing how changing some paper and embellishments will transform a layout!

I like working on an 8x8 size paper. It's perfect for me. I generally just scrap one picture to a page. Sometimes I journal a lot, if I'm in a journaling mood, sometimes I let the title say it all. Usually I let the title speak for the layout though.

Feel free to take a look around my shop or contact me through convo if you're looking for a trendy way to preserve your memories.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Raggedy Ann Collection

A lot of people have asked me about my collection. So here it is. I've got to say I've lost a few here and there over time. The most tragic loss was about 2 years ago when I lost a mama and her 2 kids :( She was sitting on top of a speaker on my antique tea cart. Below the speaker was my tart warmer, and yes it was on... my son bumped the cart, and well, the family tumbled into the tart warmer turning them green.

I dont believe any of them are hand made, though the first one I ever bought was the little one on the right hand side with the heart around her neck. She is also one of my favorites along with the largest one.

So that's my collection. It's been a year or so since I've added a new one. I'm always on the look out, but I think my next will have to be handmade.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Sale!!!

I forgot to post the March Sale in for my paperprincess shop...

So this time I'm doing a different type of sale. It's based on the amount you spend, and free stuff. So here goes.

Purchase 20 or more in products and receive a free card.
Purchase 35 or more and receive a free 8x8 layout.
Purchase 45 or more (including at least one 12x12 layout) and receive a free 12x12 layout.

Purchase totals are before shipping. Free items are of your choice, and the free 12x12 layout will be of equal or lesser value. One free item per order.

So go on, have fun and earn free stuff!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bath Salts, Now Available at My Other Pincess

I'm starting to add the line of bath salts to my new shop at This strawberry scent will be added soon. I currently have my Energy bath salt available. It reminds me of candy, especially sweet tarts. Smells good enough to eat...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Other Princess opens

Well I've been playing with them for a while now. Seems I've got quite a collection of cupcakes. More than I'll ever use in a timely manner. So today My Other Princess opened! You can find some of my favorite bath cupcakes there.

Now this is more of a hobby for me. I'm creating these one a leisurely basis. So when I create a new batch I'll add a couple to the shop. I dont plan on carrying a whole lot a this point. Right now I'm focusing on the bath cupcakes, sea salt soaks (which will be available as soon as my containers to pack them in arrive) and sugar scrubs. Beyond that, I dont know what this new shop holds for me. We'll see where it goes... but for now, it's just a hobby.