Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cupcake Toppers and Embellishments

I spent most of the day making little toppers for my cupcakes. I combined the 2 things I love, scrapbooking and bath bombs! Now all I have left to do is add the tooth picks and put them on the next batch of cupcakes. I'm planning on making these removable from the cupcakes, but first I've got to figure out a way... we'll see what I come up with.

And as always with scrapbooking I went a little overboard making waaaaaaay way too many. As I was making them I thought they would look adorable on cards or a layout. So I combined them with some other embellishments that I had previously made to create to embellishment lots. The first of which is now in my scrapbooking shop.

Just a reminder, but today is the last day for the free shipping offer in the scrapbook shop. When you spend 35 or more you'll receive free shipping on your order.

Friday, June 26, 2009

16 Rocks

Indeed it does...
Here is another of the custom orders. I created it yesterday. I love working with this die cut paper. I'm gonna have to load up on more. The paper is actually a collection called Peyton, which is the name of the girl in the layout. She wanted it to be rock n roll theme and I think I covered that here. I love the guitars. I cut them on my cricut. Sadly I bought that cartridge just for those guitars.

Contact me in my scrapbooking shop, www.paperprincess34.etsy.com for all your custom needs. Dont miss the sale. Free shipping on orders of 35 or more!

Also wanted to mention I'm on twitter now. www.twitter.com/myotherprincess

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bits of ETSY Goodness!

I found this cute little fairy a couple weeks ago while I was chatting in the Etsy Chat. I thought she'd make an excellent addition to my garden. Well so far she's made it to my baby/computer room, but eventually she'll make her way to the garden! I'm afraid she is just the first of many. You can sell all her friends here www.chelmorning.etsy.com
Here is a recent trade I made. I couldnt be happier with this one. It's a dispose a diaper bag. Something I'm sure to need once the baby arrives! You can bet I'll be coming back to www.modmomME.etsy.com for more baby treats!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

From a Sketch

When I'm browsing layouts, I see them as sketches. Now a sketch is a vague outline of where your paper and embellishments go. You can be as creative with it as you want. Well this is my first layout that I have created from an actual sketch, shown below. I picked it up in the scrapbook.com gallery.

I changed it around a little bit, but mostly followed the outline, to make it work for this layout. The flourish is a one of a kind creation that I put together using prima crystals and prima felt. I just cut the felt pattern apart and pieced together a new one. Then to finish it off I added the prima crystals. I'm pretty pleased with all the detail and how it came together. I'll definitely be creating from more actual sketches in the future!

A new layout can be found in my scrapbook shop. www.paperprincess34.etsy.com along with my newest sale running through the end of the month. Purchases of 35 or more will receive free shipping. See the shop for the selection and all the details.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yay I'm Back after the Break!

As you may have known, we found out in April we were expecting our second baby. I took a mini break from etsy doing everything but shutting my shops down, and offering only my in stock items for a couple of months. Well now the morning sickness has passed and I'm feeling my creativity coming back to life! I've craved a lot of watermelon through the first month or two and that has been my inspiration for my latest creations! These all smell good enough to eat. Pretty visually tempting too ;)

Buckets of watermelon cupcake goodness! I knew I had to save enough of this fragrance to try it out on the cupcakes. They smell perfectly juicy and sweet, just as you'd expect watermelon in the summer to taste and smell. Of course I dont recommend tasting them...

Watermelon is quickly becoming my new favorite scent. I've only had the fragrance for a week or so and already need to order more. This is definitely a scent I'm keeping around. I've used it in every type of product I make, so you have options. The shea butter soap (I have a bar in each bathroom!), the cupcakes from above, sugar scrubs and a bath salt. Head over to the shop to check them out. Get them now at a discount! 10% off your entire order when you purchase a sugar scrub or bath salt!