Sunday, August 9, 2009

Delilah's Goodies

More department store finds for Delilah. The 3 top items (hat and onesies) we cute discount items at Walmart. Couldnt pass them up. Hope no one notices she's wearing beachy clothes during the winter. The purple outfit is from Sears and I love it. I tried to make matching bows for it, you can see those in the bottom picture. Finally the group of onesies are a garden set we also found on sale at Sears.

A couple more bows I found on etsy that I love! I'd buy one of each of her bows if I were rich! Check her out. and her new shop

Finally, not nearly as cute as the bows I've been buying, but here is my second attempt at a bow to match the purple outfit above. I gotta saw, bow makers are very creative and very good at what they do.


  1. Girl I wish you'd come join Facebook. It's like a message board and chat all in one. You get to make albums to show off all your etsy goodies and it's just SO much better than AIM and Tweeter. PLUS, a lot of etsy sellers are there and I'm sure you know some of them from etsy chat. But, I won't harp on it anymore. Just wishin' you were here. =)

  2. And PS, my etsy sells have gone through the ROOF since I joined. You never know....