Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Etsy Goodness

Some More Etsy Goodness

By now you all know I'm a cupcake queen! I love anything CUPCAKE!!! So of course, when I came across the cupcake necklace, I wanted it! The only problem... I dont wear jewelery. But hubby fixed that problem for me. After more than 9 years of sharing one vehicle we bought a second! I immediately knew where I could hang this adorable little gem, from my rear view mirror!!! Ok, so there was a little whining and complaining from hubby, who didnt want to drive my car with a cupcake hanging from the mirror. Well too bad, baby! I spent the last 5 years driving a truck and carting around your army gear, I think you can deal with a little cupcake!

The cupcake is a lamp work bead, made of glass and completely handmade. Natasha of is a sweetheart. She sent me a message as soon as she sent it out and was super quick with getting it to me. I highly recommend her!

It speaks the truth! Now, this shirt isnt mine yet, but I'm thinking about it.


  1. lol, nice blogging! I know my hubby didn't want to drive around in my SUV with my shop in vinyl decals on the back window, he got over it. It's my car, if he has to take it, then he has to drive around town advertising for me:)

  2. I am also a cupcake addict! My husband likes to unwind with a beer; I prefer frosted cuteness after a rough day. LOL!

    I think your mirror is a great place to hang that necklace! What a great find!