Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grand Opening Coming to a Close

We are in the final days of the introductory prices of my clothing. Monday I will be switching over to the regular prices. The shop is almost fully updated now (though the scrapbooking layouts will remain until they sell or expire, they will not be relisted).

I have updated my banner (pretty pleased with it as I made it myself!) as well as having redone my policies. So be sure to check out all my hard work!

I'd like to take a moment to show off my newest dress! I have used the pattern for my layer dress to create this adorable piece. This is the first pattern that I've "altered" myself. The bottom layer has been lengthened to show off the patterned print, as well as ruffles added to each of the layers. I've used 4 different prints to create this boutique dress! I couldnt be more pleased with the outcome.

Since the change over to regular prices will happen on Monday this dress does not have an introductory price and will not change once the change is complete.

So stop by and check out The Ruffled Princess at


  1. Well with a model like that of course the dress looks cute! Good luck with your new shop!

  2. Love that picture and the dresses.