Friday, July 17, 2009

For Delilah from Etsy

Here are a few of mine finds on ETSY for baby Delilah. I've been searching all over, every free minute I have. So far I love what I've discovered.

1. a DOUBLE MINKY BABY BLANKET I found on sale at
2. MEDIUM PINK BABY HEAD BAND BOW and she was sweet enough to send me the white princess bow as well. Found them at
3. a BUNDLE OF BURP CLOTHS from could these be any more cute? Almost too nice to use, but I think I'll manage. These arent little light weigh cloths either. Thick and durable, they'll be able to clean up any mess Delilah throws at them.

I think next on my to-buy list will be a dress or some type of clothing and I'm pretty sure it's gonna come from here I cant wait!

1 comment:

  1. Very cute.
    I made Madison's dress and I got one from AbbeyLane. I love pinafores. <3