Sunday, September 20, 2009

Suprise Baby Shower!!!

I was starting to think I probably wasnt going to have a baby shower for Delilah since all of my family and most of my friends live in Maine. I had been talking to a couple people, online friends, and they suggested I have a long distance baby shower, where everyone mailed me their gifts. So I relayed the idea to my mom (who, unknown to me, had already come up with this idea). So she played along with it and said she'd see what she could do. A week or so ago my grandmother told me that they hadnt had any luck with the baby shower and that everyone wanted to wait till I had the baby, or they wanted to wait till we came to Maine again... So to mean, that meant no one wanted to send anything and I was really disappointed.

Thursday a HUGE box had shown up at my house. I knew my mom and grandmother were sending me some things, so I thought that is what the box was. I opened the box to realize it was my BABY SHOWER!!! It brought happy tears to my eyes, and then I started feeling bad, that I had felt bad about my family not wanting to send anything. Lol, but that was soon forgotten as soon as I started opening the packages!

I'm sharing pictures of some of my favorites. Now everything was amazing and I LOOOOOVE everything that I received, but I just had to share a few of them. Above is the quilt my brother's Fiance, Hannah, made for Delilah. There is a little handmade tag on the baby of it that reads, For Delilah From Aunt Hannah 2009, all hand stitched.

These items above are all from my sister Renee. I think she went a little overboard!!! But I love it all, including the purple corduroy dress. It's my favorite outfit! She also sent a pack of onesies, a hooded towel, wash cloths and a pack of receiving blankets.

This little outfit was sent by my Aunt Gloria. I love that she embroidered Delilah's name on the sweater. This outfit is sooooo soft and cuddly, the baby is going to love being wrapped up in it!

And finally this picture is a group shot of everything. In the end, Delilah ended up with 6 outfits, 5 sleeper/jammies 2 of them bag type, 6 receiving blankets, 3 regular blankets, a pack of diapers, hygiene tool, 4 hair bows, 13 onesies (because you can never have enough), 2 hooded towels, a picture pillow (which is hanging on the door to her room), a sound and light machine, diaper bag, socks and wash cloths!
Thank you to everyone who sent things for the baby!


  1. everything is so cute!!! congrats hun.

  2. I'm so glad we surprised you! Now we can't wait for you to have the baby and upload pics of her!