Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cards, Cards and even more Cards!!!

That's right! 22 and counting, currently available, in my etsy shop. Yet I cant stop making them. Once in a while I find it nice to get away from the layouts and albums, and indulge myself in a smaller project, where I can really focus on the embellishments.

Who doesnt love recieving cards, either in person or through the mail? It's a nice way to surprise your recipient and let them know you are thinking about them. Now, for me, that experience is even more thrilling when that card happens to be handmade!

So, now that stock of cards is taking up some space, and once again I'm having an urge to make more! So this month (through the end of January), these cards are on sale. That's right!!! Buy 3 and get 1 free (equal or lesser value). Plus, just for this weekend (Jan 24- Jan25) free shipping on them (applies to my card section only).

So hurry over to my shop and pick them up while you can!

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