Friday, January 30, 2009

Great Finds on Etsy

Since moving to Missouri, this summer, I have had nothing but problems with my skin. Rashes, hives, break outs, oily skin, and dry skin (yes both at the same time too)... the list goes on. I've tried everything I can get my hands on at the drug store. But all they did was make the problem worse. Now, I trust my skin to etsy.

This is some fabulous Tea Tree Tangerine Facial soap I found at CozyMoments. As she says, it refreshes, stimulates, and deep cleanses. I was so excited to try out this bar. This bar was like nothing I've tried before. To start with, it doesnt bubble up. It has a smooth milky lather. Your skin actually feels squeaky clean once you step out of the shower. Once out of the shower you can feel the difference on your skin... no more oil blotting sheets for me!

While I was browsing around CozyMoments I happened up this Deep Cleansing Facial Clay mask. I must say it does draw out the oils, toxins and other impurities from your skin as she claims it does. I will also add that it does a pretty good job of exfoliating your skin as you remove it. This is a MUST HAVE for anyone with oily skin. I'm adding this to my weekly beauty ritual.
I love that you can feel these products working as soon as you apply them. No other cleanser has ever left me more happy!!!

You can find these products in her shop here, as well as a variety of lotions, soaps and other bath and body products, all of which smell like Heaven.

These are my honest personal experiences with these products.

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