Monday, February 16, 2009

Bath Cupcakes

I gave these guys another try today! The last ones turned out fine, but after being sick all week, the scent was no longer appealing to me. So I gave them all away... except for one, that my son used. I needed the observation anyway.

So this time I tweaked the recipe just a little. Added more sugar to the frosting (which worked like a charm). I created two scents this time. Ice cream, which are the ones with the tall frosting and hearts and Cream sickle with the spiky frosting and orange sugar. Orange is one of my favorite scents, right up there with Pink Sugar. I'm kinda wishing I had made them all cream sickle now.

I also discovered my blue colorant is not a shade of blue at all really. It's more green or grayish. Oh well...

2 more days and I can jump into the tub with one of these!


  1. They look so wonderful and I can almost smell them from here.

    I really think you have a knack for making these and I'm glad to see you are sampling different "flavors" and techniques. Practice makes perfect. =)

  2. They look yummy enough to eat. Great job!

  3. WHAT?! Are those bath bombs? :D They look so yummy!

  4. Thank you! Yes they are for the bath. They sure do smell yummy too :) These ones will be ready this afternoon. I cant wait to try them out.