Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Been a Lazy Kinda Day

It's been one of those days when I just havent felt like doing much of anything. I've been overly tired, more so than usual...

The creativity just wasnt flowing today. I like to wake up, get the coffee going and get my son off to school. Then I enjoy that coffee as I chat for an hour or so in the etsy chat rooms. Then its off to the scrap room to start the first of my layouts. I like to average 2 a day, and today I did. But the first wasnt up to my standards. I wasnt too thrilled about the paper choices I used and if I'm not excited about the paper, I'm usually not excited about the end product.

Then my second one was this cute piece, of course, it's to keep for myself.

Happy 8x8 Layout
This layout is a version of the ones I posted yesterday. I love the clouds and all the whimsical elements. I just couldnt help but make one for myself. The hard part was choosing which picture to use. I had a couple that were a perfect fit. This one of my son playing at his school playground. I had another one of him pushing around his best friend in a dump truck and then a 3rd of my sister (who was 19 or so at the time) also playing on a playground.

Usually making layouts for myself motivates me and brings out my creativity. Just wasnt so today. Lets hope tomorrow is a more inspiring day for me.

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  1. It's way cute! Great job. I hope your creative mojo is back in full swing tomorrow. :)