Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finding my Groove, again...

I really dont like when I've been away from scrapbooking for more than a couple of days. It takes me a while to get back into the swing of things and find my creativity again. My layouts tend to be bland and forced, rather than flowing out like they usually do.

So after being sick (and everyone else here too) for about a week, I'm finally feeling well enough to craft again. This time I was lucky and found my motivation very quickly.

These are my newest creations from today! I started with the white 12x12. After manipulating it a bit, I finally got it just the way I wanted it. Then it was on to the light weight chipboard layout. I wanted to offer this layout in both sizes as well so I made an 8x8 version.

Coming soon in the next few days to my etsy shop.


  1. It's hard getting back into the groove of things. :) Great works!

  2. Its so easy to get into a slump isn't it LOL!

  3. beautiful!.. love your blog
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