Saturday, February 14, 2009

He Liked His Valentine!!!

I had to hold myself back from giving my husband his Valentine's gift early. Funny thing is, yesterday I was reminding him to pick up a bear for our son... he replied, well Valentine's Day isnt for another 2 weeks... I couldnt help but laugh!

He did love his gift though. He checked out each item and then smelled them all one by one saving the lotion for last. I think he might have been the most happy about that lotion, since he has just about emptied my trial sized one. He's already got the tarts melting. It smells like candy in my house! I'm pretty sure the soap will make its way to the shower by the end of the night.

On another note, we've all been sick here for the past week. My son brought it home Friday (last week) and it was only a matter of time before we all had it. My little guy was just about over it when I came down with it Tuesday night. I've never had a virus that has made my body feel as horrible as this one has. I ended up making 2 ER visits in 24 hours. I guess that's a record or something. My husband came home from work slightly early Wednesday with the virus. But being in the army, he is forced to work when he's sick. Now here it is Saturday evening, my son and husband have fully recovered and I'm still sick!!! How is that possible?

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling more like myself and spending less time on the couch...


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon.

    That virus hit our neighbors house right as we left to go to Greensboro, NC. I am praying we dodged it but still worry it might make its rounds here in a matter of time. For all we know we might have picked up the virus in NC and brought it back home. I hope not!

  2. Now, was some of this pregnancy? From the April 1 post?