Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More Etsy Goodness - Cupcake Bathboms!!!

They look good enough to eat, but you probably shouldnt. I got these adorable little bath treats from SweetTushies on etsy. I've tried a few of these kinds of bath bombs from other sellers, but these are my favorite. They smell delicious, wont stain your tub and are perfectly scented, not to strong, not too weak... you'll even smell a hint of the scent on your skin long after you're out of the tub.

So give your skin a treat! You can check out her fabulous shop There you can find plenty of these cupcake bath bombs. She also has a scent list so you can customize the perfect bath treat for you. She also has a nice selection of handmade soaps, lotions, bath salts and scrubs.


  1. Thank you so much for blogging about our Yummy Treats. Please enjoy a special surprise as a token of our appreciation. It should arrive to you shortly in the mail! Thanks again!

    All Of Us @ Sweet Tush

  2. If only I weren't too lazy to take baths! lol They do look yummy.