Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some of my very favorites

I dont get much time to work on layouts for myself. The majority of these layouts were made this past summer and the summer before. I do a lot of custom work as well as keeping my etsy shop stocked, so that doesnt leave a lot of time for me. As you can see I enjoy all kinds of styles from simplistic to a little more detailed. I've really come into and found my place and style in the scrapbooking world.

This is currently the layout I use on my flyer I send out with orders. I like that it's simple yet makes a statement. I also am left with the job of taking my own pictures. It can be difficult a times but I've learned to make it work for me. I like how simple this layout is. A few strips of paper and a couple rub ons. I let the title work as my journaling. It fits me to a T. Creative. That's me!

This layout is a little more involved. I really like how it all came together though and fell into place. I have to admit that I'm pretty lazy and I rarely do anything to chipboard, like these letters. I hate to get out the paint, and all the fuss that comes along with it. Painting the letters, waiting for them to dry, the clean up. So I usually just ink them and let them be. I'm a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of rub ons. It's rare if I make a layout without them.

This is one of my earlier layouts. I created it before I had really come into my own style. Yet, it is still one of my favorites, probably because of the subject matter. The picture is of me, probably about 2-3 years old. I was sitting in a diapers box holding a picture of Jesus. I think the journaling says it all.

If you look closely you will see this layout has the same set up from the Having a Ball layout. Amazing how changing some paper and embellishments will transform a layout!

I like working on an 8x8 size paper. It's perfect for me. I generally just scrap one picture to a page. Sometimes I journal a lot, if I'm in a journaling mood, sometimes I let the title say it all. Usually I let the title speak for the layout though.

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  1. Aww, those pictures are all so cute and the layouts are great! :D I really like the small warning sign on "Boys will be boys". Hehe.

  2. Beautiful layouts. I really love it when you can see the same layout executed 2 different ways. Thanks for sharing these.