Monday, March 16, 2009

Get the Winter Skin off Ya!

The sugar scrubs are here! I created these with Turbinado sugar from Hawaii. Perfect for slumping off that dry skin from winter! To that I've added the very moisturising Sweet Almond Oil. This oil feels more dry and goes on smooth. The excess easily rinses off leaving you feeling silky and soft. I've topped my scrub off with a touch of Vitamin E oil.

What a pleasure it was to test it out. Of course I made mine in the Orange Creamsicle scent. I think I even heard my skin sing a little...
Look at that texture? A little will go a long way. No need to be aggressive with this stuff. It does all the work for you. Just gently massage it into your skin, the sugar and oils will do the rest!

Now available in the Orange Creamsicle scent in MyOtherPrincess shop. Other scents coming soon.


  1. How exciting and lucky you to get to test it out. I never get the chance to do anything without three little followers, lol. Blessings, Mama Cat

  2. Your photos are great! WTG on all the new products!

  3. Beautiful picture -great product, Think I can smell creamsicle from here!